When Is Too Much Too Much?

Should one really need a large separate storage bin for beauty supplies? Have I crossed the line?

The more you learn about different products, different bloggers, and different beauty routines, the more you want.

When did this start? It really began with the end of those Burt’s Bees facial wipes. They were so easy. I didn’t need a mirror. I didn’t need the water, in my host family’s house, turn on. Life was simple.

I can’t even remember the first beauty blogger to warn me against using wipes. My guess would be Stephanie Nicole, because I’ve followed her the longest. Now, I’m clearly down the “no wipes” rabbit hole and I’ve been buying additional products ever since.

So, how much is too much?

How many beauty items do you own? How do you store them? How many do you pack, when you travel? I’m in Yerevan for a long weekend and I’m surprised (see below) at how many products I packed for just three days.

Send me your thoughts in the comment section below. –GGT

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