The Face Shop Haul

Created in Korea, in 2003, THE FACE SHOP has revolutionized the world of cosmetics, at least that’s what it says on their website. I did a quick trip to the Dalma Garden Mall, in Yerevan, and picked up a few items.

Being a Peace Corps volunteer, my skincare routine takes a beating. So, I like having a few hydrating products on hand, at all times.

The above sheet mask, with cucumber extract, will be great for restoring moisture to my “summer in Ararat Marz” skin. I’m saving this one for late July or early August.

I couldn’t wait to get home and try one of the products from the Solution Sheet Mask collection. I picked the Propolis serum mask. It claims to provide wrinkle care and to be a nourishing solution to exhausted skin. After 15 months of Peace Corps service, I wanted to put this one to the test. There was a lot of extra serum in the package, so I used that on my neck and hands. A day later, my face was as soft as a baby’s butt. Try this one for sure!

I have high hopes for the Aloe Real Nature mask. I have sensitive skin and I’m hoping that this product will be cool and calming. I’ve been using the local water (boiled) at my site, as the hot water has stopped working. Aloe might be the kick-in-the-butt my face needs.

The Face Shop at the mall didn’t carry those gel patches for the under eye area, but it did have a product for the chin. Hello, Lover! After a fifty pound “Peace Corps” weight loss, my first year of service, the sagging under my chin is major! I’ll be sure to report back on this one.

The last two items are old favorites. Be warned!Wear socks on day three, after using the foot peeling mask. I tried this product last year and had good results. My feet were so dry (on that first try) that I had to wrap them in hot towels and then put my wrapped feet into plastic bags, to get them to peel. Hoping to have better success this time. I’ll report back!

Finally, I know that beauty bloggers have moved away from using facial wipes, in favor of doing a double cleanse. This is Peace Corps, people. There are no absolutes. I’ll just be safe and keep some Mango Seed cleansing tissues on hand, for days without makeup or water.

Let me know your favorite Face Shop products, in the comments section. –GGT

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