Foot Care Review: Peeling Mask

Where do I begin? Let’s start from now and work our way backwards.

Did my feet peel? Yes, if we’re talking about my left foot, and No, if we’re talking about my right one. By day five, I gave up on my right foot and used a pumice stone. It worked fine.

On day four, my left foot peeled. The peeling began with the toes and I then had to pick and tug, to peel the entire foot.

When the peeling should have started, on day three, but didn’t, I tried jump starting the process, by soaking my feet in warm water.

Overall, I found the product easy to use. I wore slippers, while doing the treat, and went the full hour and a half.

Would I buy the product again? Yes! The foot peel didn’t not work the way I thought it would, but the results were great.

The only downside was waiting for the other foot to peel and some slight peeling on the tops of my feet.

Still, to get baby soft skin on my feet, I would totally do this again.

Have you used this product? What were your results? Let me know in the comments section. — GGT

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