Charcoal Peeling in Masis

As a Peace Corps volunteer, you get to bring many things to the “cultural” table.

Take for example, teaching your host family about charcoal peeling mask. Trust me, stay within your own family! The kid from next door is never going to recover from today.

The Skinlite detox deep cleansing mask uses activated charcoal and comes in a double pack. I can’t read Russian, (remember my earlier post), so I’m not sure if the double pack is for two or four uses.

Help a sister out, if you’ve used this product, and let me know.

Note: stay away from eyebrows and hairlines. It took me a few minute to clean up both of areas. The eyebrow situation really scared the neighbor’s kid.

He had it coming!

Like all of us, he needs to learn that beauty is often ugly! 🙂 –GGT

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