Is It Me? Applying Facial Masks 101

Seventeen months in the Peace Corps can really do a number on skincare routines. Daily priorities are different. Products are limited. There’s often no control over a clean water source.

I’m lucky. I can purchase skincare items at my site and in the capital. The only downside is applying them. Is it me? My application never looks like the packaging photo.

Case in point, the Garnier Skin Active Aqua Mask. The mask combines Pomegranate and Glycerin and should have been a jelly like texture that rehydrated, in just ten minutes.

My face drank up the product, as soon as it hit my skin. As you can see from the photo, I was a hot mess. I guess doing a mask in 104 degrees has it’s downfalls. I’m just going to wait until the fall and try this one again.

Has anyone else had this same problem? Let me know in the comments below! –GGT

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