Have You Forgotten about Lip Care?

If you’re like me, lips have a low priority in your skincare routine. How is that even possible? We all brush our teeth twice a day, right? So, why don’t we give our lips that same level of care?

It’s not like we don’t spend money on doing so. Here’s an idea. Go through your skincare items and pull out all the products for lips.

What do you see? It’s like tossing good money out the window of a slow moving train. Why do we buy it all? Is it a case of just in case? Is there some universal joy in having a bunch of products that will never fit neatly into any of our storage containers? Who knows?

But, there’s an out! All the lip products that we’ve just uncovered have a good old fashion expiration date. Let’s start there and toss. Personally, I’m going to challenge myself to select one product, use it during the day, for a week, then review it. That should teach me a valuable lesson about tossing good money out of train windows.

Are you ready to join the challenge? Leave your product reviews in the comments section below. –GGT

Ted Baker (London) Lip Balm in Opulent Petal

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