Leaving My Mark

Every Peace Corps volunteer wants to leave their mark. Some write grants for projects. Others enable their counterparts to adopt new skills. What’s my mark?

Next week, I will attend my Close of Service conference, for Peace Corps Armenia. I’ve lived with host families, the entire time that I’ve been here. My current family loves watching me wear skincare masks or come out of my room covered in some type of facial clay.

Whenever I travel, to Yerevan or outside of Armenia, I always purchase an extra mask for my host mom. At her job, she spends hours in the sun. And, yes … I gave her my Peace Corps issued sunscreen.

Being new to facial mask and wipes, her skin takes in every single drop of a product. The next day, her face is as soft as a baby’s bottom.

There’s one particular item that she really likes. It’s the Face Shops Mango Seed Cleansing Tissue. She’s just celebrated her birthday. Guess what I got her?

I got myself one too! –kj

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