Empties: Repurchase or Not?

I can’t even remember when I purchased the travel size Clarins set, in Duty Free. I’m pretty sure I was in Dubai, but don’t hold me to that. Peace Corps service moves fast, the second year.

With Orange and Moringa seed extracts, the One-Step facial cleanser is a toner and cleaner in one. I used it almost everyday and it lasted for months. It is hands down, my favorite daily toner. If you’re looking to save a step, on the road, this cleanser/toner is great.

My normal night routine stopped with the Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil. It never dawned on me to also add a moisturizer. I’m very happy that the Armenian hot summers and cold winters forced me to breakout the Hydra-Essential Moisturizer. It was definitely the one item missing from my routine. Now, I can’t go a night or day without it.

My favorite of the empties has to be the Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser. I made the mistake of putting it on dry and then rubbing it around with a wet face cloth. I wasted so much product. Towards the end of my tube, I began wetting my face, putting on small dabs, and working it around, with my fingers, for a full sixty seconds. Then, I removed the product with my face cloth, no splashing here! At this point, I don’t even want to know about a better cleanser! I’m that happy!

I didn’t get on well with the Hand and Nail Treatment Cream. I’m a Peace Corps volunteer, people! These hands need HELP! The cream smells OK and goes on nice and all, but what does it do? My hands are just as dry, minutes later. I’m going to pass on this one. I found Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream was better. And yes, that little tin has lasted almost two years.

So, would I repurchase and buy full sized Clarins items? I don’t think so. I really like playing around with travel sizes. If you’re new to skincare and still trying to figure out what you like, and what works, travel sizes are the way to go. When I COS from Peace Corps, I will make my way home via some airport, with a Duty Free Shop, and stock up, again!

So, although Clarins has me hooked, I’m still going to take baby “travel sized” steps, for now. –GGT

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  1. Great post! Very informative and helpful, I love your honesty.

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