Quick Note: Checking-In

What’s your hotel check-in routine?

I’m a sort and arranger. I walk in the door and my coat comes off and gets hung in the closet. Next, I unpack the rest of my outerwear and hang everything up too. Without messing a step, I unpack my skincare.

Oddly enough, I don’t like having my beauty items in the hotel’s bathroom. I like them placed near the bathroom. I know that might sound crazy, but trust me, I’m no David Beckham OCD level of clean. I mean, the fliers and brochures around the room don’t need to be hidden, just yet!

Then, every single day, I make my bed and clean my room, before the maid comes in to clean the room. I move the in-room trash can near the front door. I never use the trash can in the bathroom and I always fold the towels that I’ve used, placing neatly on the bathroom floor. OK, I have reached some “Beckham” level of hotel room crazy.

What crazy hotel habits to you have? How much product do you pack for a weekend away? Let me in on your hotel routine and don’t worry. I’m a beauty blogger.

I won’t tell a soul! –GGT

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