Ready for a Pedi?

It’s me. I’m sure these “three-to-seven-day” peel deals work for other people, people with better feet. For me, it’s crickets. I have yet to find a product that works, like it says on the box.

To be fair, the instructions tell you to soak your feet, 15 minutes a day, for seven days, to get the peeling started. Sounds great, right? Nope! I’m a Peace Corps volunteer and I live with a host family. Do they really need to watch me soaking my feet, in a pink plastic tub (meant for keeping bread)?

On Saturday, I’m booking a room in Yerevan, taking a nice long, hot, shower. Then, I’m soaking a hand towel and wrapping it around my feet. The plastic trash can liner might also be called into action. I don’t care how long it takes! My feet will peel! –GGT

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