Quick Note: Bare with Me

I’m not sure what it is about a MINISO “We Bare Bears” Moisturizing Facial Mask that makes me so dare happy?

Is it the packaging? Maybe? It’s awfully cute.

It’s so cute that it took me sometime to figure out that it wasn’t for kids. I can’t tell you how many often I walked by this item. It wasn’t until I saw a YouTube review that I went back and made a purchase.

Now, I can’t get enough.

The mask is good for dry, tired, and dull skin. It contains multiple moisturizing ingredients, good for both hydrating and moisturizing. The sheet comes with one of those plastic covers that you can never figure out how to unfold. We all love those, right?

Personally, I wish the mask was a little longer and went further under the chin, but there’s more than enough extra serum, to put there. I will repurchase, over and over, again, if there’s a MINISO, in Ethiopia.

You should really try this one, all “kidding” aside! –GGT

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