May 22: A Storm is Coming


I’ve been a Retuned Peace Corps Volunteer for one full week. My time, so far, has been spent in London, Reykjavík, Durham, NC, and Dayton, OH. I attended graduate school, in Dayton, twice. The first go round, I received fliers from the KKK. They were placed in our student mailboxes. Now, I’m back in Dayton and there’s a Klan rally scheduled this weekend.

Today, I sorted through items for Peace Corps Ethiopia. Some of the things were used during my service, in Armenia. Other items were stored, in Dayton, for the past twenty seven months.

My first meal, on my return, to Dayton, was a classic, Skyline Chili! Skyline is a chain of chili restaurants, founded in Cincinnati. Even locals who no longer eat at the statewide chain, will suggest it..

I have one more night in Dayton. My next flight is on Friday, the day before the rally. It’s hard to believe my luck. The clothes that I packed away for two years finally fit me and I’m flying out of Dayton, right before the Klan comes to town. –GGT

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