May 24: I Love LA 💕

Before I left for Peace Corps Armenia, I stored a few items with friends. I had pretty much walked away from everything I owned. Then, I ran out of time. I needed to be out of my apartment and I couldn’t keep sorting. I boxed half of the remaining items and left them in North Carolina. The other half went with me, to my godson’s home in Ohio. The two halves are now reunited and one of the items is going on the road with me.

Back in 2006, Oprah and Bono drove a “red” Thunderbird, down Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, to go shopping at The Gap. Bono and Bobby Shriver had created Project (Red), a brand to help eliminate HIV/AIDS, in eight African countries. For someone who joined the Peace Corps, back in 1985, after watching the Live Aid concert, Project (Red) was a no brainer. I purchased the Apple iPod Nano special (Red) edition and several items from The Gap. Thirteen years later, I’ve pulled this classic bag out, for today’s trip to LA.

Inside the bag, I’ve packed my Eagle Creek Drop Box. It’s perfect for headphones, toiletries, and other little items that you need to quickly grab. I took this bag to Armenia and made sure to return with it (empty) to repack for Peace Corps Ethiopia.

I’m packing very light, only three or four outfits. I’ll be in LA, Memorial Day Weekend, and then make a short trip to Salt Lake City. Since I’m staying with friends, in both locations, I’ll just do a load of laundry, at one place or the other. Everything I needed to bring fit into one REI packing cube.

I’m also using this trip to break-in new sandals, for Ethiopia. My old TOMS bag came in handy for packing those.

My personal item, for the flight, is the day pack from my Eagle Creek Women’s Deviate 60L Travel Backpack. I gifted the pack, to a volunteer in Armenia, for Border to Border. I kept the day pack, as my laptop bag.

I’m so happy that I didn’t have time to donate The Gap bag. It’s the perfect memory of my former life. –GGT

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