May 30: Homeward Bound

Today was a long day. My flight from Salt Lake City was delayed, due to a maintenance issue. We sat, in the plane, for an hour.

Once at LAX, I decided to take the long way home. I took the free Green Line shuttle service to the Metro.

When I lived in California, I always took the Metro from Long Beach to LAX. Today, I ran into problems. I did OK taking the Green line to the Blue, but the Rosa Parks station was under construction.

That meant getting off at the station and taking a free shuttle bus to the Blue Line, at the 103rd/Watts Tower. It was pretty cool seeing the top of the tower from the bus. I then rode the Blue line to Metro Center and transferred to the Red Line. My stop, North Hollywood, is the last one. All in all it took me over two hours.

After a day like that I needed a nice dinner!

I’m almost ready to to wrap up the West coast leg of this trip. Three flights from now, I’ll be in Ethiopia. –GGT

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