June 6: Odds and Ends

A while back, I told you about the EFL bubble mask. I had some down time today and put it to the test.

Getting the mask out of the package and on to your face will take some doing. It is a very slippery mask. I wore the mask for the full 15 minutes. The dogs in the house went crazy, when the mask began to bubble.

When the 15 minutes was over, I used a piece of tissue to wipe most of the product off my face. Then, I washed my face with warm water. My face felt like a baby’s behind. I will totally purchase this product again.

When they say “reset” your face, they mean it!

The rest of the day was spent sorting and packing, for Peace Corps Ethiopia. Today, I put plastic wrap around all the lids of my skincare products. Nothing is worse than having your skincare explode, during a flight.

It’s hard to believe that I will be in WDC, next week, and then on a flight to Ethiopia. My 30 days of blogging, from Armenia to Ethiopia, will soon come to an end.

And with that end, I need to get busy. I packed one of my two checked bags today. I’ll do the other tomorrow and then worry about my two carry-on bags. (Photos to follow).

Get ready, folks! I’m hitting the road again. –GGT

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