June 7: Seven Days was All She Wrote

I attended graduate school, in Dayton, thirty years ago. Most of my time was spent on the Wright State University campus, in Fairborn.

Today, I was able to get together with old friends and talk about the good ole days. I had a great time and it got me thinking. My first go round with Peace Corps, I left Dayton, went to Washington DC, and ended up serving in Kenya.

Next week, I will leave Dayton, traveled to WDC, and rejoined Peace Corps, for a third time. Most of my morning, today, was spent packing. Peace Corps allows you to check two fifty pound suitcases. My bags are already packed and I’m just sorting out my carry on and personal item.

My staging for Kenya, back in 1986, was held in Philadelphia. I took a train, carrying two backpacks and a small suitcase. I took next to nothing with me.

My house was on the school’s compound. I was the only person living there. The school hired a guard to watch my house, and me, during the night. Every evening he would call out, “Mollay.” I would repeat what he said, in the same manner.

One day, at school, a student asked me why I kept calling out the man’s name, every night? I thought Mollay was a Kamba greeting. We were taught KiSwahili, not KiKamba. Who knew?

There is no way of knowing what to expect, this time. I know I will make mistakes.

“What’s past is prologue!” My bags are packed and I am “almost” ready for what comes next. —GGT

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