May 26: Quick Note: The Mask

Can a two minute sheet mask really work? That’s what I’m about to find out, with Burt’s Bees purifying mask. Infused with kiwi extract and other natural ingredients, this product claims to gently cleanse away dirt and oil, while also nourishing your skin, in just two minutes.

With all this travel, between Armenia and Ethiopia, my skin is bone dry.

I found two K Beauty items by Absolutely New York.

I can’t wait to try these two and report back on the results.

My final new product is a detoxifying bubble mask by e.l.f.

I have already been warned about the bubbles. Some claim eye irritation, if the product gets too close. The mask is also said to be very sticky. And, when you use water, to remove the remaining product, it bubbles like crazy.

You know I love a challenge. Let the “bubble” games begin! –GGT

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