Quick Note: Medical Hold

After our swearing-in ceremony, last Thursday, my Peace Corps cohort headed to their permanent sites. I’m still in Addis Ababa. Today, I saw a Cardiologist. Like many Peace Corps volunteers, around the world, I’m on medical hold.

So, … here’s a blast from the past. This three room, no electricity, no running water, marvel is my first Peace Corps home. I served in Kenya, 1986/88. I loved this house!

My new site has a different sort of view. There will be many different projects happening, in my future, and I’ll need your help. My “tiny home” questions will start sometime this week.

Then, there’s Armenia.

Two years of viewing Mount Ararat from my front door and (as in this photo) next to my job. This field is across from the high school.

Today, I am no longer the only volunteer (or person) living on the school grounds, (Kenya). I will not spend two years with a host family, to watch over me, (Armenia). For now, my site is just over there, (Ethiopia). And, . . . I wait. –GGT

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