Hotels, Motels, Holiday Inns

A friend posted on one of my social media sites that I make Peace Corps look too easy.

Challenge accepted!

Keep in mind that I’m normally sleeping in a tent and there’s no door on the outhouse, in my compound.

Today, I’m away from the tent. My counterpart is having a birthday party, for his two kids, and I decided to come into town, a day early, and grab a shower, along with a toilet that has a door.

I didn’t count on the shower being out in the open and the bathroom not having a curtains, but my friend claims that I make this all sound too easy, so . . . I showered.

I also took time to do a little skincare. At 63 years old, I can little afford to do back-to-back assignments (Armenia 2017-2019 and Ethiopia 2019-2021) without some plan for skincare. The CeraVe forming face wash works great with the Clarins Hydra-Essentiel.

With all the weight loss, I made sure to have extra lotion on this overnight. It’s pretty shocking to see yourself, in a full length hotel mirror. I also packed earplugs. This is my first time at this hotel and you never know.

Now, it’s time to knit 🧶. You can’t believe how hard that is to do, while sitting upright, in a tent! –GGT

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