Last Day of Class: Fall 2019

Fall term is in the books and I never got my riot. During our Peace Corps TEFL Pre-Service Training (PST), I was told that my teaching style would cause one. I turned up at my permanent school ready for action. I waited and waited. There was no riot.

People, I’m from Detroit. I know a thing or two about riots. I was eleven and home alone, for three days, during the 1967 Detroit riot. My mother was a domestic worker and the people she worked for, in the suburbs, an hour outside of Detroit, refused to let an African American woman drive into a riot.

Now that the riot crisis is over, I have a four day weekend! I plan on sleeping for four days. Today, I gave the tent a “good” clean. After five months, I’m still so happy that I packed it!

In other news, I have submitted a travel request, for the school break. I can’t tell you where, just yet, but the blogs not called “ghetto girl travels” for nothing. Fingers crossed 🤞 that I’m approved.

I know y’all are getting sick of seeing me in this tent! –GGT

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