Zanzibar: Day 3

You know that day, on vacation, when it’s noon and you haven’t even left the hotel? Well, that’s today.

Today, I woke up late. It’s been a minute, since I’ve been able to sleep in. At my site, there are dogs barking, hyenas making that crazy sound that makes dogs bark, and prayer, in my very Orthodox Church community. The latter can start at nine at night and carry on until four in the morning. Today, that all caught up with me and I had the best sleep ever. I barely made it to breakfast.

In spite of the late start, I decided to make my way to Luk Maan restaurant, and back, without getting lost. My first day here, I had success with getting there, but had to taxi back to my hotel. I had somehow got turned around and was walking in the opposite direction. I ended up at a big open market, well on the other side of my hotel.

I had much better luck today and walked passed two of my favorite things, a Catholic Church and a guy wearing a Tupac tee shirt. Mass at the church is at 6:30 am, during the week, so that’s completely out of the question. I will happily settle for a photo of the church.

My first Tupac tee sighting was at Cape Coast Castle, in Ghana, back in 2009. Now, whenever I’m anywhere in Africa, I look for one.

(Ghana 2009)

I found my way and back, without issue. I rewarded myself with a Fanta Orange, while looking at my the beach. What is it about the Indian Ocean that makes me feel like I’m home?

Some thirty-three years ago, I took my first Peace Corps volunteer semester break, traveling from Nairobi to Mombasa, by train, then hopping on bus to Malindi (for a stopover) and finally on to Lamu. I did that same journey three times, during my service. And, I loved it, each and every time.

(Malindi, Kenya, 1987)

Today, Zanzibar felt like Malindi. –GGT

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