Zanzibar: Day Four

What a great final day! Some Peace Corps friends arrived today and I finally had people to show around the island.

After another day of waking up late and enjoying a full breakfast, I walked one hotel over, to meet up with my friends. We walked around, shopped, then decided to go to Luk Maan restaurant for lunch.

I was able to get us there and back, with no problem. The restaurant was a big hit and the perfect way to begin their stay, in Zanzibar.

After lunch, we decided to have beach day. We sat out, in front of their hotel, then piled into the ocean for photos.

I had never been outside late enough to see a sunset. It was amazing.

For dinner, we opted for the night market, at Forodhani Gardens. Every vendor made us stop, to tell us what they had for sale.

The sugarcane, lime, and ginger drink was the hit of the night. We ended the evening at Mercury’s restaurant. Bohemian Rhapsody cocktail, anyone?

Now, I’m at my hotel, packing. Tomorrow, I’ll be back in Ethiopia. –GGT

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