Zanzibar: Bye Bye Bye

My final day was a sad one. Showers and toilets are a wonderful thing, after seven months of bucket baths and outhouses. Plus, I love a Peace Corps volunteer vacation, on the Indian Ocean.

Zanzibar, you will be missed.

The DoubleTree Hilton Stone Town was simply the best. While not on the beach, it’s five minutes from the beach. The staff was friendly and helpful. I can’t wait to return. At my final breakfast, the hotel gave me a surprise treat.

DoubleTree Stone Town, you will be missed.

Now, I’m in Ethiopia. I arrived back too late, last night, to travel back to my site. I booked a room, right by the airport.

It was a good thing. A book donation, for my school, is being held in customs. The three boxes arrived the same day that I flew to Zanzibar. After ten days, the shipment will be charged a 20% fee and another fee for every day it sits in customs.

After a four day rest, I’m back to being a Peace Corps volunteer!

I’ll always have Zanzibar, right? –GGT

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