Quick Note: February 29th or Self Care Saturday

I’m often asked, over on Instagram, how I get so many care packages? Well, I have really good friends! Plus, … at age 63, they’ve known me for years and know what I need.

Here in Ethiopia, my TEFL cohort is almost at the nine month mark, in our Peace Corps service. We know how to get to Addis Ababa, from our sites. We know where to shop and shower, in our Hub Towns. And …. we know how to NOT take care of ourselves!

So, in honor of February 29, I’m going to stay at site, wash my hair and then shower. My house is made of sticks and mud, so the nail holding up my solar shower can only take half a bag. I heat up half for my hair and then do another half bag for my shower.

After that, I’m going to breakout the Clarins Gentle Forming Cleanser, wash my face, do a Burt’s Bees hydrating sheet mask, and then hydrate with my Clinique iD, Clarins Hydra-Essential, Neutrogena Hydro Boost eye cream, and my new Burt’s Bees hydrating gel cream.

So happy to have this extra day, in February, to chill.

Now, go take care of yourselves!–GGT

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