Walk a Mile in My Shoes …

After the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, I needed to walk.

I had already been trying to keep up with someone posting his daily times, over on Instagram.

He just hit 2.1 miles. Yesterday, I clocked 4.2.

As a Peace Corps volunteer in Armenia, I was the only African American, in a city of more than twenty thousand people. I could walk or jog at my heart’s content.

One year ago, May 15, was my COS (Close of Service) from Peace Corps Armenia. I returned to the USA, to have blood work done, and then headed to Peace Corps Ethiopia.

For nine months, I simply covered my hair and went about my business, with no fear of being stopped, pulled over, or shot. Then, last March, I was evacuated from Peace Corps Ethiopia. After three years, I have returned, Black in America.

So Saturday, I simply covered my face and went about my business. I walked to the beach and back. I did so because I’m currently living in Hawaii and feel safe enough to do so.

I did so to join every American running and walking, in honor of a jogger who is now dead.

Ahmaud Arbery, R.I.P.

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