A Walk to Remember

With everything that’s going on, in the USA, especially on the mainland, today, I decided to go for a long walk. I needed something with a little challenge. So, I walked a 10K.

My walk took me to the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. When I served, in the United States Air Force, I was a member of the Honor Guard and Drill, at my base. From 1975/80, I assisted in military funeral services, across Southern California.

The location was the perfect place to think about U.S. military personnel being deployed, in the USA, to end the protesting.

So, now, along with asking myself, “Am I Next,” I’m also asking myself would I ever take up arms, against my fellow citizens?

I served in the Air Force for five years. My first overseas deployment was a tdy to Okinawa, with a stopover in Honolulu, (followed by Guam and the Philippines), on the way to Japan. I’ve been traveling to foreign countries ever since.

I owe so much to my time in the military. I was able to leave Detroit, make enough money to send 1/3 home to my mom (each month for the entire five years), and upon leaving the military, I used the G.I. for my undergrad degree and one of my graduate degrees.

On today’s walk, I kept asking myself what I would have done, if deployed to battle citizens in the USA?

Would an order have been an order or would this Ghetto Girl have joined the other side and taken a knee? –GGT

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