Made It To The Mainland

Are you ready to travel again? Are you ready to book that first COVID-19 era flight?

Well, GGT has already been there & done that.

As you may have heard, health authorities recommend one-meter of distancing, on flights. Well, on my flight from Hawaii to the mainland, American Airlines made that impossible to do, in economy class.

If you must fly, count on having someone seated next to you, in that middle seat. On my first leg, Honolulu to Dallas, I had a window seat. The middle and aisle seats had two teenage sisters. Their parents sat in another row. The younger of the two girls sat next to me. She took off her mask, as soon as she was seated. She put it back on again, when we landed.

My shorter flight, from Dallas to Salt Lake City, was also crowded. The good news was that the gentleman seated next to me wore his mask for the entire flight. Still, we were elbow to elbow. There was no food service, but we did receive a snack box and a drink (Honolulu to Dallas) and a brown paper bag, with snacks and a drink, on my final leg.

Now that I’m in Utah, I’m doing another 14 day self quarantine. I’m staying with friends. I have a room, with its own bathroom. During the day, we sit outside, six feet apart and watch tv (Yellowstone binge). I’m only on season two and need to catch up, as season three began last week.

The home has a large yard. There’s also a little garden, outback. I’ve been able to walk, in a circle, to satisfy my Apple Watch. Once my quarantine is over, I’ll begin my long walks again. My friends have a little barn, on their property, that might make a great alternative. We’ll see.

For now, I still need to have my Peace Corps close of service medical and dental exams. There was no time for Peace Corps Ethiopia to schedule exams, before our evacuation, last March. I also need to get to my home base, in Ohio.

For now, I’m back! I’ve hit the mainland. Time to make a game plan. –GGT

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