Quick Note: Bad News Bears aka Alaska Week 1

Today, I took a short cut to the post office. I decided to get a post office box and still pretend like I’m a Peace Corps volunteer. (Peace Corps inside joke).

Bear? What Bear?

Well, by now, you’ve followed me long enough to know that my lazy behind was not going to turn around and go another way! Time to follow Google Maps.

A River Runs Through It

How great is it to live next door to a national park? It’s pretty amazing. Week one of our AmeriCorps orientation is done and today’s session ended with a deer sighting, just outside our dorm.

Into the Woods

After one week of salmon jumping, seals eating (the salmon), Bald Eagle flyovers, deer, and bears …

Smarter than the average bear?

Sitka, Alaska is beginning to feel like home. Well, if home is having the trash bin attacked by a bear and being moved inside, in a building further down the parking lot.

Home Sweet Home

Note to self: (bears or no bears), when you’re from Detroit, you have to live by water! —GGT

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