School Daze

So we’re here.

Thirty AmeriCorps volunteers have arrived, in a small Alaskan community, during a pandemic.

Who does that?

Sitka, Alaska

Well, as it turns out, a bunch of evacuated Returned Peace Crops volunteers (eRPCV).

I’m not a tourist. I live here.

What AmeriCorps Alaska lacks in mandatory language training, mandatory homestays, and “new” cuisine, it more than makes up in flushing toilets, hot showers, and fast food restaurants.

Do I miss my Peace Corps pee bucket? Nope!

Never seen it.

The 2009 romantic comedy “The Proposal,” starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, was set in Sitka. Most of the film was really shot in Rockport, Massachusetts. It’s a shame because Sitka is pretty amazing.

Home Sweet Home

To be far, I’m still taking photos like I’m a tourist. Keep in mind that I’m taking shots of places that I see almost every single day. At least today, there was a pretty good sunset.

Those summer nights at the dorm 🎶

In other news, I’m keeping busy with my Peace Corps Close of Service (COS) chores. Peace Corps gave evacuated volunteers 180 days to complete medical and dental exams.

How can you miss something this big?

When I arrived in Honolulu, the city was under a stay home order. Now, I can actually schedule appointments, in Sitka. On Monday, I walked 13,000 to and from the hospital. On Thursday, I discovered the local bus.

Nice place to park a house

After two days of sunshine, it’s raining again. It rains here a lot. I hope it pours all this weekend. It will be good sleeping weather. School opens next week. I need to rest.

Magic loop socks

Sleep, tea, and knitting! I’m bringing my former Peace Corps life to Sitka. Is that PC Goal 3 or 4? —GGT

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