Labor Day Weekend

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been in Alaska for over a month. Now that our Americorps orientation training is done, it’s time to integrate into our jobs.

My school in Sitka

My assignment is working as a COVID-19 School Relief volunteer. I work in the Homeschool Office. The office has a research library and parents use it to borrow educational materials for their children. One of my assignments will be updating the catalog system. It’s the perfect job, for a retired academic librarian.


When not at work, I’m getting the hang of Sitka. Of course, that’s Sitka plus COVID-19. I have avoided most of the bars and restaurants. I’ve stuck with takeout, at a few fast food spots, and a food truck. Other than that, I’ve been eating from my room, in the dormitory.

Road Trip

Today, I received a phone call from a friend. She was taking her boat out and invited me to come along. I ran. I literally ran to the slip. After a month, in Sitka, I was finally out on the water. About thirty minutes in, I saw a puff of smoke on the water. Then, there it was, my first whale. My friend turned off the motor and we sat for five minutes. She was hoping the whale would resurface. Maybe next time.

A Room with a View

So for now, life is good. We’re all waiting for the nights to get darker and longer. I’ve ordered a light theory lamp and Vitamin D pills. I’m ready to go. I also need to order a few reflectors, since I’ll be walking to and from school in the dark.

Easy like Sunday morning

Until then, I’ll just enjoy the sunlight and all the time I can get out to sea. —GGT

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