And When October goes …

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

After two months, I’m beginning to find my way, in Sitka, Alaska. All of my post Peace Corps Ethiopia medical and dental exams have been checked off my “To Do” list. I’m taking iron pills, b vitamins, and a pill for my thyroid issue. The growth is small, so there’s nothing to do, for now. I’m more concerned over whether or not Peace Corps will pay for the ultrasound needed to check the thyroid.

Hawaii vs Alaska

It might be too soon to worry about whether or not I should stay, in Alaska, or return to Hawaii, after my service here is done. I was relocated to Honolulu, after the worldwide evacuation of Peace Corps volunteers. Without permanent housing, in either place, (I’m living in a dorm here and I stayed with an old Peace Corps Kenya friend in Honolulu), relocation is a moot point.

Baby, it’s cold outside!

Still, as it gets colder here, in Alaska, my bones tend to miss Honolulu.

Childhood Memories

For now, I’m trying to take in as much as I can. First up, on my “get out and discover” list, was having a root beer float at the local drugstore. The store was such a blast from the past. I also found a hair product there that I’d been unable to find elsewhere in town. I purchased the entire stock.

Old people and their hair products

During the week, I volunteer with the district homeschool office. The office has a small lending library and parents can come here and browse for books. With COVID 19, that means signing in, having a temperature taken, and then coming into the office, and using hand sanitizer.

It’s an ISBN world

I’m currently moving the circulation records for the library from FileMaker Pro software to an app, LibraryThings. Parents will be able to browse for titles, via the Internet. The homeschool will then pull the requested materials, check them out, and deliver the item, car side. It’s going to be curbside service for books.

Speaking of books, last week, I was asked to do a radio interview, on books, for the local radio station. The interviewer is a friend from my Peace Corps Kenya days. She wants me to return and talk about my career in archives, manuscripts, and rare books. She also warned me that almost everyone living here gets their own radio show, at some point. I’ll let you know when Ghetto Girl Travels hits the airwaves.


US folks … Don’t Forget To VOTE! —GGT

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