It’s Elementary, My Dear …


I wasn’t a big fan of Kindergarten. I remember my teacher’s name, Mrs. Buchanan, but that’s all. It’s been nice, volunteering, with Americorps, and seeing how much work really goes into teaching Kindergarten and First Grade. Perhaps, if my first school offer just two grades, I would have enjoyed and remembered it.

Ladies who lunch

There’s also a great deal of food, at this grade level. The school offers both breakfast and lunch, plus a snack. In my day, I think we had a milk break. You had to pay three cents for the milk, maybe?

Online Ice Crean Social

Last week, the school hosted an Ice Cream social for our families. Due to COVID, parents are not allowed in the school. The social was a virtual event. It was the perfect way for parents to see the inside of the school and meet our teachers and staff.

First snowfall

Yesterday, we had our first snowfall. I was so happy! This is, after all, why one relocates to Alaska. So now, it’s cold and dark. Daylight savings time has just given me enough sunlight to walk to work and almost a full hour, of light, after my workday ends. This will change, as the days get darker and darker.

I see a little light

Until then, I’m keeping my therapy lamp on full blast, taking vitamin D, and dreaming of travel! Speaking of travel …

The Blue Lagoon, Iceland 🇮🇸

Remember that one time, when I used my Peace Corps airfare stipend and booked a room, at the Blue Lagoon. Ah, … the days when this Ghetto Girl could travel!

Silica Hotel, Blue Lagoon

Goodnight Sitka! —GGT

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