The End of the Beginning or …

… The Beginning of the End?

It was around this time, four years ago, when I handed over my apartment keys, to the Head of Maintenance Service, and headed to Armenia.

The Shedding

Retirement would mean a change of location, career, and lifestyle. Then, three years into my four year plan, COVID-19 hit.

The first time I served in the Peace Corps, I had a backpack and one borrowed suitcase.

2010 Birthday trip

Living out of a suitcase was a breeze. I love a good packing cube and pack the same way with my personal travel.

I packed one bag for a three week trip to Australia. The travel schedule was right out of the Amazing Race. We took five domestic flights, traveling around Queensland, New South Wales, and the Northern Territory.

My one bag packing tradition continued, during vacation trips in the Peace Corps. I loved serving in Armenia and packing a bag for a quick trip to Colombo, Sri Lank, Dubai UAE, or Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

My Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler was my best travel purchase to date. I’m still using it.

Alaskan Arrival

Packing for Americorps was easy. I still had my Peace Corps bags packed, from the COVID evacuation, last March.

Winter wonderland

Today, I’m living in one small dorm room in Alaska. This April, I can apply for Medicare. I guess I need to start looking for a place to call home.

I did love this chair

Naw … y’all know I’m going to hit the road, hard, post COVID. I just need to shed a few bags. —GGT

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