I’m your captain, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

My third time out on the water.

This Americorps Alaska adventure is quickly coming to an end. “Don’t worry, Fran. I’ll be back!” I’m returning to Alaska, in the fall.

Mount Verstovia: Arrow­head, sits at 3,300 feet

As I was leaving work, last Tuesday, a friend asked if I wanted to go for a boat ride. Here in Sitka, you never turndown food or a chance to get out on the water.

Sitka Lighthouse is located on Rockwell Island

I did so many first on this two hour trip. I had never seen the Sitka Lighthouse. If you’ve ever wanted to sleep in one, here’s your chance. The Lighthouse has been a vacation rental, since 1983.

And, the winner is …

Once out to sea, we decided to go fishing. My friend likes rockfish. I caught one, as soon as I put my rod in the water. We tossed the little guy back. As luck would have it, we all caught one.

Dinner size! This one is a keeper.

After that success, there was only one more thing to do! Drive the boat (for the first time)! Talk about being slow and steady! It was great fun!

A first, …

Americorps Alaska has been a great place to serve, during the pandemic. I haven’t been in the lower 48, for longer than a month, since 2017. I need to take care of a few post Peace Corps things, over the summer.

Watch this space. I’m heading out in three weeks. Get ready to Follow the Adventure! … GGT.


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