Hilton Honors?

Had a tad of a problem with my hotel. I picked a Hilton property, near LAX. I know how to get there blindfolded. So, when Lyft wanted $140.00, to go less than four miles, I knew how to get there using public transportation from the airport.

Hilton’s standard of clean?

Hilton has partnered with RB, makers of Lysol and Dettol, to deliver a cleaner stay for guests, with the creation of their Hilton CleanStay program. “Then, using trusted products from Lysol*, Dettol*, Sagrotan*, or Napisan*, we do an additional disinfecting step for several surfaces in the room, including: all switches and electronic controls, handles and knobs, major bathroom surfaces and the remote control.” My hotel must have missed the memo.

Hilton’s Clean Stay Program: One of these things is NOT like the other

According to their website, the Hilton CleanStay Room Seal is put in place to focus on the disinfection of high-touch areas, in guest rooms. After the room is cleaned, a seal is taped to the door. The seal for my room was placed on the wrong side of the door. I guess there should be no surprise that my room wasn’t really clean.

There’s Clean and then There’s Hilton Clean.

As a guest, what do you do in these situations? You document and report. In my case, the reporting with the front desk staff went no where. I really didn’t care. That happens from time to time, with new or untrained staff. But, the following day, I received a knock at my door. This was odd, as there is no cleaning service, at this hotel, unless requested. There was no reason for someone to be at my door.

You Get What You Pay For!!!

A young man was at the door. “Are you smoking in your room?” He asked. I told him no. “If you’re smoking in your room, you need to tell me.” He continued. I explained, again, that I’m a non smoker. The guy was standing by a cart of dirty bedding. He took a step towards me. I shut that down! “You can report me if you want!” He called out as my door was closing.

Enough said!

No need to go on about being put on hold, with Hilton, three times, over the next two hours. I ended that too. I simply sent a DM via Instagram and copied the same photos and message into an email for Hilton. At checkout, I handed back the unused Clean Safe seal. I was offered 20% off my final night. Then, that amount was changed to a full night’s credit, once my record was pulled up for final billing. Thank you, Instagram! Hard feelings, no. Returning to that property again, no. Keeping my Hilton Honors account, probably not. We’ll see.

Senior discount 75 cents

Then, I made the short walk back to the Metro stop and hopped on the train to Norwalk. The free bus to the airport is the very next stop. Many people believe there’s no public transportation in Los Angeles. When I moved here, in 1996, to head the Department of Archives and Special Collections, at California State University Dominguez Hills, I didn’t have a car, for my first two years.

The Green Line bus to LAX

Knowing how to take the Blue Line from Long Beach, then transfer to the Red Line, then another transfer to the Green Line, to the free G bus to LAX, was my normal route to the airport, if I couldn’t get a ride. There are times when I just love being on public transportation in LA. I guess it reminds me of taking the city bus, to the downtown Detroit Public Library, when I was a kid. I’m taking seven and eight years old, on a school day. You can’t get away with that, these days.

COVID Testing at Terminal 6

I’m heading back to Las Vegas, for the cheap rates, during the week. I’ll return to LA Memorial Day Weekend. I might be crazy enough to take public transportation in Los Angeles, but ….

… Las Vegas over Memorial Day Weekend, who’s that crazy? — GGT

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