Quick Note

Just landed and made my way to the hotel. All of my taxi drivers have been Ethiopian. They’re surprised when I greet them. So …. Thank you, Peace Corps Ethiopia language training! 😂

LA was smoggy

The flight is really a fast up and down, but I upgraded to first class ($20.00) anyway. That’s five first class flights in a row. Will I ever be able to fly coach again? Of course …

And away we go …

I also upgraded my room (with the refund from my last LA hotel). I’m now in a “fresh” by Stay Well room, with the vitamin c shower attachment. The first room smelled like cigar smoke (or something else). It made me dizzy, so they moved me.

All the MGM properties provide you with a COVID package

In case you’re wondering, if you’ve been vaccinated, you don’t have to wear a mask. A lot of restaurants and buffet are still closed, but Vegas is planning on reopening, June 1st! —GGT

Might go play a slot or two and then call it a night. Or —- just save the money and call it a night. — GGT

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