Quick Note: Beach Life

Santa Monica Pier

I made it to the beach. I’ll spend a few days here.

Might go for a spin, NOPE 👎

Yesterday, I walked from the Santa Monica Pier to Venice Beach. It sort of kicked my butt. When I lived here, twenty years ago, I could walk from Santa Monica to Hermosa Beach. Those days are gone!!!!

Santa Monica, California

I’ve booked into a PodShare. Although known as a Hip hostel, offering funky dorms with bunk beds & shared bathrooms, plus 2 kitchens & a garden, the creators don’t much like the “hostel” tag.

Shared living at its best

So far, it’s working really well. After the dormitory in Alaska, the compound in Ethiopia, and the homestay families in Armenia, sleeping in an open space with perfect strangers, just makes sense.

Well, … maybe … that only makes sense to a small number of crazy people who love to travel. —GGT

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