The Lockout is Over

How long was I locked out of my account on WordPress? It seemed like FOREVER! After emailing the Help Desk (too many times to count) I messaged them via Instagram. I was able to log back on the following day.

Always say yes to a day on the water.

A few weeks ago, my friends called and asked if I wanted to go back out on their boat?

Look for the Bear necessities!

We saw twelve bears in two hours! Sometimes I forget that I live in Alaska … not on this day!

OK, I’ll stop with the bear photos.

In other news, it’s getting cold here. The temperature is in the 50s, most days and upper 40s at night. I love it! It was so hot in Las Vegas this summer. It was also hot in North Carolina! The weather here (in Sitka) is perfect! I have a Keurig and a Crockpot in my dorm room. I’m ready for winter.

Ready for winter

My room has two twin beds, two dressers, two small tables, and two plastic chairs. My two suitcases are tucked under my bed. I’ve ordered a king size mattress topper. Hopefully, the two twins will soon be a king.

That dorm life

Living in a dorm, at 65 years old, might sound strange. As an Americorps member in Alaska, it’s the cheapest way to live.

Geared up for another year of service.

The stipend for my program is around $1,000.00 a month. Alaska is expensive. Housing, food, and medical coverage can easily wipe out a grand a month. So … it’s the dorm life for me.

My first cover!!!

For now, I’m pretty happy about returning to service for another year. My plan is retire (yet again) at the end of next year. I retired from my job in 2017. Three weeks later, I began serving with the Peace Corps. Five years of post retirement service seems about right. That being said, I was so bored last weekend. It rained and I had nothing to do.

Sitting here resting my bones!

Clearly, I’m not cut out for retirement. I think I need another five year plan. — GGT

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