It’s Beginning to Look …

Marshall Island landing

I flew to Guam on the Island Hopper. The United Airlines route from Honolulu stops in the Federated States of Micronesia and the Marshall Islands. The gentleman seated next to me was heading home, to help out his mom. He’s retired Air Force and very “hands-on” chatty. I was seated next to him, after giving up my aisle seat. The woman in the seat across the aisle wanted her teenage son to sit closer to her. So, I gave up my seat and therefore had no one to blame for the next ten hours of military stories, knee slapping, and Guam tips.

Perfect Landing, after a long journey!

I picked the Dusit Beach Resort based on YouTube videos. I liked the beach view from the hotel. After booking, I began following the hotel’s Instagram account. I made comments like “See you soon!” When I checked in, I was told that my reservation was upgraded to their executive wing. The upgrade did NOT include access to the Executive Lounge. Who cares!!! The hotel has a perfect location. If you just want to relax, by the pool(s) or the beach, they’ve got you covered! If you want to shop, the central shopping center is just across the road. If you want food, the hotel and nearby local spots are good enough and close at hand. There’s also a cheap city shuttle bus to the main shopping mall.

Hello, Guam

I woke up to this sight every morning! It was perfect. There was a midday rain storm most days, during my stay. The lifeguard would blow his whistle and everyone had to leave the pool area. It was just as well and the perfect time for a nap. It was during one of those times when I decided to not spend a month or two in Guam and just keep moving. First off, Guam is expensive. It’s also very hot. Plus, if I ever need to get back to the US, for some unknown reason (while traveling around Southeast Asia) , I’ll just head back. Guam was the perfect spot to just be on a really nice vacation.

I decided to head to Thailand over the Philippines. Entry into the Philippines requires a round trip ticket or another scheduled outbound flight. I simply couldn’t pull it all together. So, I decided to just return to Thailand. I was there in 2006, to celebrate my 50th birthday. I really enjoyed it and said that I would someday return. The ticket agent for Philippines Airlines had to make a call to be sure that I was allowed to check in, with just a one way ticket to Bangkok. The issue was quickly resolved and I was on my way.

I’ll be back !

Landing was fine. The transfer to my connecting flight and the flight attendants, on the Manilla to Bangkok leg, need a separate blog post! You have to take the good with the bad …. or go home. I’m not about to stop this early. XOXO— GGT

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