The Reviews are in …

The not so five star five star hotel!

Like most travelers, I read up on hotels, before booking them. I spend a lot of time reading reviews, watching YouTube videos, and getting as much information as I can. My current hotel had really mixed reviews. So much so, I had to check this place out for myself.

“A bit far from food shops …”

So, …. having a restaurant directly across the street from the hotel isn’t close enough? Perhaps, the restaurant has recently opened. This was the case for Everest 8848, a new restaurant, offering nepali food. It’s a five minute walk from the hotel. Now granted, if you’re not adventurous and willing to walk down a narrow alleyway, with motorbikes, cars, and dogs, maybe there really isn’t that much, nearby, for you to eat.

A great find, five minutes from the hotel!
So darn yummy 😋

I really enjoyed “finding” this restaurant. I turned right, out of the hotel, and just started walking down the road my taxi drove me up. I knew there was a main road ahead, where I could find something to eat. I never made it to the end of the alley. There were coffee shops, juice stands, mom and pop shops, and small restaurants, all along the way. There’s a time and a place for Five Star whatever! This hotel is not near that place.

Location, Location, Location!!!

“This location is absolutely not a 5 star (barely a 1 star) and is incorrectly publicized as a 5 star online.” I’m just not that trusting. I Google Map hotels before booking them. I do location searches for nearby restaurants, shopping, attractions, etc. I never just go by an online booking site or a hotel’s website. From the hotel’s website: “Locate on the ground floor with your private balcony garden, Sleepless person will have sleeping there.” And … people still book expecting Five Stars?

Looking for mold, in all the wrong places!

“The pool is not maintained and does not look like the pictures on their site. There was mold everywhere.” First off, the pool area looks just as crazy in person as it does on the hotel’s website. Did I see any dirt in the pool? No! Did I see any hotel guests in the pool? Nope! Will I ever swim in the pool? Probably not! I might sit out there and put a toe in, … maybe. I’ll do a closer mold inspection and report back.

“Massive safety hazard in bathroom.”

“Slippery tiles. Shower too close to toilet with no screen to protect the toilet.” Well … I’ve taken enough bucket baths to be OK with this shower / toilet situation. I’m also not sure why the toilet needs to be protected. If I want to blast the shower, I might need to wipe down the toilet or let it air dry. No big deal! That being said … will I bang my head against the glass, in front of the shower, while trying to get to the toilet? Totally! I’ve since put the trash can in front of the glass as an extra reminder.

I’ll drink to that!

I think the major issue with this hotel is one of travelers wanting a Five Star experience at a discounted rate. I think by now, we all know how to find Five Star hotels and we have some idea of what they should cost. I’m not saying these reviewers weren’t shocked. Some left the same day, without a refund. I am saying they probably didn’t do their homework before booking.

For me, it’s fine. Airplanes will stop flying “directly” over the hotel at some point, right? XOXO—- GGT

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