Breakfast of Champions

It ain’t easy!

I don’t eat breakfast. It’s a bad habit from childhood carried over into adulthood. My hotel in Chiang Rai includes breakfast. I set my alarm for it every morning. It should be listed on the booking reservation as a Comedy Show. How do you please tourists, from all over the world, with the one meal you serve each day? The egg tray is first in the breakfast lineup and a popular item with some Americans and most Europeans. After placing an egg, on a slice of toast, someone with an accent is always asking their partner to look for the bacon. There is, of course, no bacon. But, it’s my first laugh each morning and it gets me every single time.

Spice, Spice, Baby!

The Asian stir fry and fried rice tray always follows the eggs and I make sure that I’m seated with the full view of the breakfast station. The combination of “no” bacon back-to-back with the shock and disappointment of breakfast stir fry is comedy perfection. The lid of the stir fry tray goes up and then quickly down, for most of the tourists. With all hope of bacon gone, some simply head to their seats. They don’t even want to know what’s inside tray number three. Oddly enough, stir fry is my favorite tray and I’ve been using it to increase my spice tolerance. I always skip the fried rice for the white rice. This helps to cut the spice. So, stir fry for breakfast has been a good thing. Just call me Breakfast Spice, then tell me what you want, what you really, really, want!

I’m not sure

In all fairness, I ate a lot of leftover pasta for breakfast, in Peace Corps Ethiopia. Here at the hotel, plain pasta appears to be a big hit with the under five crowd. The baked beans in the pasta tray are an odd inclusion. I guess they had to go somewhere. The sauce in the tray changes each day. One day is marinara followed carbonara the next, etc. I’m totally OK with having pasta, with sauce, at 7:30 am. Tomorrow, I’m going all out and having baked beans and toast. It will be like having a full English breakfast, minus the sausage, back bacon, mushrooms, and black pudding.

And … last but not least

The final tray in the station has sausage, potatoes, and tomatoes. I guess I really could try to make a better English breakfast, but … the sausages, hot dogs, whatever, are part what I’ve seen served at pre- K daycare and what was served at my mother’s nursing home. Hard pass! I’m here for another five days, so the potatoes will get a try shortly. I also like grilled tomatoes. There has to be a toast and tomato breakfast sandwich in my future. The other side of the breakfast area has bowls of yogurt, sliced fruit, dry cereal, waffles and bread. There’s a dessert station in a mini fridge and a worker making coffee drinks.

It’s hard to mess up breakfast for me. First off, it’s not a meal close to my heart. Then, there’s the fact that I carry along my own tea. Tea with toast is pretty much all I really need. Still, I must admit. I kind of like this breakfast idea. I like having a reason to get up, dressed, and moving in the morning. Here at the hotel, I’m not sure what’s funnier, the reactions of the new residents or plates combinations by the long term guests. Either way, a breakfast that brings (me) so much joy can’t be a bad thing. Now, I’m heading out. I hear there’s a restaurant nearby named Cabbage and Condoms.

It’s December 26 here, so it’s Christmas Day back home! Make it joyful and go get seconds on that stir fry! XOXO— GGT

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