Had to Share: Country 61 — Israel!

Landing in Tel Aviv

After five months, it feels odd to no longer be “somewhere” in Asia. Yesterday, I took a twelve hour flight from Seoul to Tel Aviv. I’m still recovering. It’s Memorial Day today and Independence Day tomorrow. So, I hope to spend some quality time getting caught up. I still owe you posts on the Philippines, Taiwan, and South Korea!

O Pod Hotel, Tel Aviv

I believe that restaurants and stores will close early today, because of the holiday. There’s a restaurant right next door (with a great mural of Steve McQueen). The Pod hotel has a couple of vending machines with soft drinks, ice cream, and snacks. So … I should be fine. Tel Aviv is the second or third most expensive city in the world. Finding this “cheap as chips” beach front hotel is pretty darn amazing.

The Pod

For those counting, my Pod Hotel count is pretty legit! I’ve stayed in the Dubai Airport Sleep Pod, on my way back from Mount Kilimanjaro (2018), at an open PodShare in Venice Beach, California (2021), the IZzzleep Pod Hotel at the Mexico City Airport (going to and coming from Puerto Escondido) in 2022, and this year, at the VATC Sleep Pod, Hanoi Airport, Vietnam. I’m getting pretty good at this!

O Pod Hotel, Tel Aviv

For now, I’m recovering from yesterday’s flight. I might go grab a quick nap and then find food, before everything closes down. I still can’t believe that I’m no longer in Asia. My hotel on Jeju Island, South Korea, had the best clear broth soup I’ve ever tasted. It was just a little bowl of something that came with the meal and yet … I can’t stop thinking about it.

See you soon … Jeju! See you soon! XOXO — GGT

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