May 17: Is a Stopover in Iceland Worth It?

On my way home, from Peace Corps Armenia, I flew from Yerevan to London, with a short layover, in Athens. I booked a hotel, the Holiday Inn Express, in Terminal 4, shopped, slept, and then flew from the UK 🇬🇧 to Iceland 🇮🇸.

Was the 30 hours in Iceland worth the stopover?

Oh, Hell, YES!

I booked one night at the Blue Lagoon’s Silica Hotel. Overlooking the rude “Destination Blue” female bus driver (and her coworker/friend), getting from the airport to the hotel was easy.

Once at the hotel, I was given a complimentary premium (green) pass to the Blue Lagoon. The pass included a bathrobe, flip flops, two facial masks, and a drink of choice.

Shortly after I booked my hotel reservation, I received an email back, asking if I wanted a spa treatment (at their clinic) or a dinner reservation, (at the Lava Restaurant). I took them up on the latter.

Then, after a long day of travel, Blue Lagoon(ing), and eating, I spent some downtime, at the hotel.

So, … although the jury is still out, on whether or not the Blue Lagoon is worth it, (or just an expensive tourist trap), I am happy to be one of the crazy, overpaying masses, posting Blue Lagoon selfies, on social media. –GGT

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