May 31: Blessed

Today, I cleared medical for service in Peace Corps Ethiopia. Part of the reason for this month long blog post was my having to leave Peace Corps Armenia, 15 days early, to complete a medical test for Ethiopia.

So, today, we celebrate. Before running over to FedEx and printing and scanning my medical stuff, I did the two minute Burt’s Bees purifying facial mask.

There’s a lot of trash talk about this product doing nothing for the skin. I did not find that to be true. I wore the mask for two or three minutes, rinsed, and went about my day. Now, six hours later, my fine lines are gone and my face is pretty clear.

Part of my day was also spent getting a mani/pedi and doing a small bit of pre- Peace Corps shopping.

There’s always that “extra” Peace Corps volunteer who matches her shoes and toes. That would be me! As hard as it is to believe that in 15 days I’ll be posting from Ethiopia, one wants to put her best foot forward.

I’m also trying out a few products from Nu Skin. These products aren’t available in stores. You have to purchase them from a distributor or get them directly from the company, as a preferred customer. I have some facial masks and skincare items. I’ll get back to you with a review. –GGT

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