June 04: Packing for Peace Corps (2)

Packing enough skincare for PST (pre-service training) is always a hard call, when leaving for the Peace Corps. I believe that I will have running water, during the five to seven day orientation period, in country. I’m not so sure about the situation at my pre-service training site.

Caroline Hirons would scold me for packing Burt’s Bees facial cleansing towelettes. I’m packing them, just the same. It’s going to take me a minute to figure out my new skincare routine and the wipes might come in handy, if the water situation isn’t up to speed.

I first served, in Kenya, back in 1986. Twice a month, one of my students would walk, climb, collect, and then carry water from some spring to my house. I used as little as possible, as to not make the student stop her studies, to carry that large yellow jug, on her back, just for me.

My home in Peace Corps Armenia had running water. It often stopped running, at night, but would usually be back again by morning. Buying skincare was also not a problem. My site was the closest to Yerevan. Peace Corps allowed us to leave site, each Friday afternoon, and return before dark, on Sunday. I could shop for skincare at the mall, grocery stores, or beauty shops, in Yerevan.

I’m not too worried about Ethiopia, but Peace Corps will keep us very busy, for the first three to six months of service. So, I’m packing enough products to get me to New Years.

Only ten days until staging!

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears … Oh my! –GGT

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