June 5: History Lesson

When I was a graduate student, in Dayton, I processed a manuscript collection on the Burns-Jackson Project. The project was formed, in 1965, to restore and preserve the Burns-Jackson/Oregon District, in Dayton, Ohio.

Tonight, I had the pleasure of having dinner, in the Oregon District.

After two years, serving in Peace Corps Armenia, it was nice to share a meal, and stories, with a group of strong professional women. I hope I was able to talk them into visiting me in Ethiopia.

Dayton is the perfect rest stop, before rejoining the Peace Corps. I was a graduate student here, in 1983. I relocated to WDC, in 1985, where I watched the Live AID concert, in the basement of Thompson Markward Hall, in Capitol Hill. The following Monday, I walked to the Peace Corps office and applied. By October, 1986, I was serving in Kenya.

Today, I’m shopping, sorting, and saying goodbye, in Dayton, Ohio. My life has gone full circle. Once again, I’m heading to WDC, (for Peace Corps staging), and this time, I’m on my way to Ethiopia. –GGT

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