June 9: Still Crazy after All These Years

In three days, I will fly to Washington and join my cohort, (from across the USA), for Peace Corps Ethiopia staging.

Given the fact that I left Peace Corps Armenia, less than thirty days ago, saying that I’m heading to Ethiopia, next Saturday, sounds a tad crazy.

For the past week, I have stayed at my godson’s home, in Ohio. I became friends with his mother, in graduate school.

And now, as I head to Ethiopia, this family has allowed me to (once again) leave a suitcase, use their mailing address, and generally promise to take care of any and all of my stateside issues, while I’m gone.

Peace Corps staff has started preparing my cohort for our next twenty seven months of service. There is almost no way to prepare for the life I’m leaving behind. I retired from my job and gave away all my belongings, when I served in Armenia. So, although I have many friends, in the USA, thirty days wasn’t long enough to make me feel reconnected. I’ll save all that for my return, in 2021.

I gave myself thirty days, between leaving Armenia and arriving in Ethiopia. I’ve tried to document that time, using with this blog. Although my time is almost over, Internet willing, I will try to post from Ethiopia.

Many thanks to all of you for your likes, comments, and shares. –GGT

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