June 14: The Final Post

Well, we did it! I’m sitting in the lobby of my hotel, waiting for the Peace Corps Ethiopia orientation to begin.

Many thanks to every single one of you, for coming along on this thirty day journey with me.

Today, on the drive to the hotel, we passed the Air Force Memorial. On March 12, 1975, I left my home in Detroit, Michigan, for Air Force basic training.

In many ways, that event was the birth of GhettoGirlTravels. Forty-four years later, I’m still on the road.

I’m signing off, for now! Join me for my Peace Corps Trainee Blog, beginning June 16 …. if the Internet has been turned back on, in Ethiopia!


One comment

  1. Karen

    Have the safest and most uneventful of flights to Ethiopia. We are eagerly awaiting updates to your next adventure…no matter how sporadic. Take care and God bless. The Cross family.


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