June 12: The Final Leg

The funny thing about Peace Corps is how so many volunteers stay connected for life. I’m heading to WDC, for Peace Corps staging. Orientation for TEFL volunteers is this Friday. Until then, I’ll be bunking with an old Peace Corps Kenya friend. I haven’t seen her since the summer of 1988. It doesn’t matter. She’ll pick me up from National Airport and we’ll morph back into who we were, in Kenya. Those feelings and memories won’t last long, just long enough for us to reconnect and then continue on where we left off.

Tomorrow, I’m having dinner with two PC Armenia volunteers. June 03 was the COS (Close of Service) date for my cohort. I returned fifteen days earlier, to complete a medical task for PC Ethiopia.

It’s rather fitting that I’m setting off for Peace Corps, from WDC, again. In 1986, I lived at Thompson Markward Hall, the all women’s residency, across the street from the Hart Building, off Capitol Hill. I applied to the Peace Corps, during my lunch break, after watching the Live AID concert.

Today, I hung out with my PC buddy, ate pizza, and drank wine. We had a lot of catching up to do.

Next, it was time for some practical shopping. PC Ethiopia sent a message to bring lots and lots of underwear. After dropping fifty pounds, in Armenia, I had to go all in today. I can’t explain how nice it is to go into a “regular” store and just find your size. Who knew?

I can’t believe that Ohio is behind me and I’m on the final leg of this thirty day journey. I have one more day, to spend with my PC Kenya and PC Armenia friends. Then, it’s on to staging for Ethiopia and meeting new friends (for life)! –GGT

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