Tiny Tenting: Peace Corps Service in a Tent

Well … I’ve made it, one full week.

I arrived at my permanent site, last Sunday, dropped off my backpack, located my luggage (that Peace Corps dropped off the week prior) and went to work.

After watching students, being registered for high school, I went home to project number one. A nice expat donated a large towel. I wrapped it in plastic and placed in under the door, Bed, Bath, and Beyond style. Mind the Gap, indeed!

The next project was too big for me. My landlord had my ceiling repaired. Now, no more nights of animal droppings on my tent. Yes! I packed a tent for Peace Corps service, due largely to all the Instagram photos of PC Ethiopia volunteers sleeping on floors.

So, it’s the end of week one. School begins tomorrow and I’m sick. I have a sore throat and runny nose. It all started after being invited for coffee. The charcoal stove was in the room and the door was closed. I only had time for the first cup. Tradition dictates three. Twelve hours later, my allergies had taken control.

Still, other than little food, cold weather, and getting sick, I believe that I’m off to a great start. –GGT

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